Feeling lost in life or your sense of self?  The journey of self-discovery is a normal part of life, however, there are many reasons that lead people there.  You may have recently ended an unhealthy relationship, experienced a past trauma, or wanting to answer, "who am I?"  It is never too early or too late for some reflection on life.   

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Are you worried that the flame between you and your partner is burning out?  Maybe you are having some difficulties communicating, troubles with disjointed parenting, experienced a loss of trust, or feeling disconnected emotionally and/or sexually? It might be time to seek additional help and guidance.

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Has your teen recently become withdrawn, experiencing anxiety, having behavioral problems, or simply lost in life?  There is hope! It is my passion to guide, educate and empower both teens and their families naturally through this often difficult transition period. Let's face it, adolescence is tough on everyone involved!  

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Choosing the right therapist to work with you or your family is just as important as the work that will be done.  You want to find someone who you can "click" with and specialized in your area of need.  If you are ready to make the first step in creating change please contact me to schedule your

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