The years of adolescence can an exciting time for a parent when you get to see your child blossom into young adulthood as well as exhilarating for your child to try and figure out who they are or who they want to be.  However, this also brings about many frustrations, temptations, struggles, and sometimes poor decision making.  The families that come to see me often feel like or report many of the following...

  • My kid acts like they HATE me!
  • He NEVER comes out of his room.
  • She can be so DRAMATIC.
  • Why do they always seem to make BAD choices?
  • My child is STRUGGLING to socialize.  
  • I think he might be DEPRESSED.
  • There is so much pressure for her to be PERFECT.   
  • What have I done WRONG?

The truth is, the teen years are tough!! Not just for you, but also for your child.  There are so many factors that cause people to act out and especially impulsive adolescents.  When you combine peer pressure, social media, hormones, problems at home, and trying to find yourself somewhere in the middle of all that, it is almost impossible to expect anyone to come out without needing some guidance and support.  Choosing to have you, your child, and family work with me you can expect to see an improvement in the following areas.

  • Communication Skills
  • Improved Self Esteem
  • Better Decision Making 
  • Ability to Process Past Trauma 
  • Decreased Symptoms of Depression
  • Anger Management

If you and your family are ready to make change happen, Contact Kelly Holmes, LCSW to schedule your initial phone consultation so that we can discuss how I can better help and support the needs of your family.