Have you recently ended a bad relationship?  Was your partner controlling, abusive, narcissistic, or unfaithful?  Whether it was yesterday or 5+ years ago, having been involved in an unhealthy relationship can cause numerous and long lasting effects on someone's self esteem, worth, and trust.  Once these aspects of yourself have become tarnished it can seem almost impossible to get them back, but I am here to help you regain your POWER!  

The people I work with often report feeling...

  • "USED and ABUSED."
  • "ASHAMED."
  • "BROKEN"

and also express the following worries...

  • "No one will EVER love me again."
  • "Something must be WRONG with me."
  • "Maybe I DESERVED IT"
  • "I will NEVER TRUST anyone again"

It is incredibly unfortunate how often these after effects occur when innocent people become involved with these negative individuals. Know that you are not alone and that you can find you again!  You can recover, become stronger, and able to fall in love again...especially with yourself.  Don't let the past continue to steal your future.  It is my passion to guide those whom are ready along this journey of self discovery and to help them regain their confidence.

If you are ready to make change happen and rediscover you, Contact Kelly Holmes, LCSW to schedule your initial phone consultation so that we can discuss how I can better help and support your needs.